At Colonial Photo & Hobby, we value your privacy and take your personal security seriously. Any information you give us is treated confidentially, and we take steps to make sure it is protected appropriately.

During transactions, we do collect some information from our users, as detailed below:

Anonymous user information
As you browse our website, our web servers record data on your visit using cookies and other tracking methods. (A cookie is a small file,stored on your computer, that identifies it specifically to our website,allowing us to simplify the login and checkout processes.) This information allows us to analyze what our visitors are looking for, whether or not they find it, and how they interact with our website. None of the information collected by these methods contains any personal details about you or any of our other users; it is strictly statistical information about your computer and internet connection. We will never sell or give any of this information to marketers or solicitors.

Purchaser information
If you make a purchase through the Colonial Photo & Hobby website, we require personal information to complete the order: name, address,and other contact information that you provide. All of this information is maintained on our servers which are rigorously protected. We will never sell or give any of this personal information to marketers or solicitors.

Credit card information
We collect credit card information in order to finalize purchases on our website. We treat this information with tremendous care but we DO NOT store credit card information. We take these exceptional security steps for a good reason: your security is our security.

Safe Purchasing
Rest assured that all of your purchases with Colonial Photo& Hobby are verified, secure, and authentic. This means prying eyes can't get at your credit card or personal information. Our secured certificate is provided by

But what about you? The only way we can safely verify that our customers are who they say they are is by using thorough check sand obtaining all the required information. That's why we don't currently ship anywhere but to the billing address, and that's why we require the amount of information that we do.

We realize the inconvenience this might create, but we feel that building a mutual network of trust is crucial to having faith in your purchases on the web, particularly if you're purchasing expensive equipment on time-sensitive deadlines!

In the meantime, we will continue to seek better, more convenient solutions to these security issues so that your shopping experience with Colonial Photo & Hobby can be the best experience possible.