Repairs & Cleanings

Repairs & Cleanings

Having problems with your camera gear?Colonial Photo & Hobby is here to help. Stop by with your equipment anytime we are open and a staff member will be happy to help you diagnose your problem. Whether your camera needs a settings adjustment or to be sent out for repair, we will make sure you leave with an answer to your problem. All initial repair estimates are free and a rough estimate can usually be given over the counter.

Repairs & Cleanings

In House Repair & Maintenance

Sensor Cleaning. Do you see black spots in your pictures? If the answer is yes, then you’re in need of a camera sensor cleaning. Your camera’s imaging sensor is what records light coming into your camera from your lens. When dust, dirt and hair get on this sensor it creates a black spot or line on your image. This is a fairly common issue that tends to occur more often when you shoot at the beach or other places with fine dust or sand.

Colonial Photo& Hobby offers in house sensor cleaning for $75 for interchangeable lens cameras with full-frame camera sensors and smaller. This Service includes an external cleaning and is available with same-day turn around on weekdays.Please make sure your battery is fully charged when you bring in your camera.

Film Camera Seals. If you see“light leaks” (over-exposed streaks or blotches in your film) it is likely you need to replace your camera’s light seals. Camera seals are foam liners along the edge of you film door which help to keep light from shining through the seam of the door. Over time, these seals grow dry and start to crumble away.

Colonial Photo& Hobby can replace camera seals for $75 per camera for 35mm film cameras. This service usually takes 2-3 days, but rush options are available.

Memory Card Recovery. Photos can disappear off your memory card for a variety of reasons related to software,hardware or just plain old human error. In many cases these images can be recovered, even when you accidentally delete pictures, but it’s very important that you do not continue to take pictures on this card.

Starting at $25 Colonial Photo & Hobby uses special recovery software to find pictures on your memory card. If we don’t find your picture, you don’t pay.

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